Class 1983 Michele Bonora, currently I live and work in Pordenone, cutural and artistic center of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
In young age I started to draw, in the years I learned techniques and styles of giappanese anime thanks to my passion for comics books.
Drawing is my primary passion, from young age drawing is a way to express myself. I continued to draw for me and my friends for passion.
My works are the result of my irrepressible desiderio of creating.
The too that changed my life was a digital drawing tablet  that let me riprodeuce my ideas to digital file.  nthe are suitable to modern time.
My technique has evolved in the years thanks to my passion for digital graphic and he web let to know myself to the world.
Know I dedicate my time to personalized illustration and logos, focusing to the costumer needs.
Digital graphics, has given me a personal growth and intellectual maintaining, however, the passion for
pencil and drawing is unquenchable.
In recent years I approached to new artistic techniques claiming my creativity.
Research and passion for the antique art has given birth to me the idea to design embroidered paintings on canvas, that brings back millionary culture to modern times.
The embroideries exhibited in the website are works derived from the artistic transposition of customizable ideas
of hand-embroidered paintings. True art works crafted Made in Italy.
Even the choice of frames is careful to the quality of materials that enhance and modernize a millenary art.

My school life are art and expression that are always in first place.